Master List of North Carolina Tillers

Photo credits, left to right, top to bottom: KME, Mike Legeros (x2), TBD, Courtesy High Point FD, Mike Legeros, Courtesy Raleigh FD (x2), Joel Woods, Wake Forest FD, TBD, KME

Here’s a master list of all tillers past ‘n’ present in North Carolina. Will update going forward, with newer deliveries. May expand with models and other details:

1923 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot
2018 KME, 101-foot

1997 Seagrave, 100-foot (added 2017, ex-Hillandale VFD in Montgomery County, MD)

1942 Seagrave, 100-foot  (added 1976, ex-Easton, PA)

2019 Pierce Enforcer Ascendant, 1500/200/107-foot – 1 of 2
2019 Pierce Enforcer Ascendant, 1500/200/107-foot – 2 of 2 (delivery soon)

1917 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot
1974 Ward LaFrance Diplomat/LTI, 100-foot

Civietown (Brunswick Co.)
1979 Mack/1958 American LaFrance (added 2006, ex-Raleigh, ex-Wendell)

Cornelius-Lemley (Mecklenburg Co.)
1989 Seagrave, 100-foot (added 1999, ex-Richmond, ex-Bedford, VA)
2016 Seagrave, 100-foot

1926 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot

1920 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot

High Point
1924 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot
1967 Seagrave KT, 100-foot
2004 Pierce Dash, 1500/200/100-foot (reserve)
2019 Pierce Arrow XT, 107-foot

Providence (Union Co)
1953 Pirsch, 100-foot (bought used, what year?, ex-Oakland, CA)

1916 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot
1939 American LaFrance 500 Series tractor
1958 American LaFrance 700 Series, 100-foot
1979 Mack MC tractor
2004 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/300/100-foot (retired after rollover accident in 2009)
2010 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/300/100-foot
2015 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/200/100-foot
2017 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/200/100-foot
2018 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/200/107-foot

Rocky Mount
1919 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 65-foot
1956 American LaFrance 700 Series, 85-foot

Wake Forest
2007 Crimson/Spartan, 103-feet (added 2019, for training, ex-Boise, ID)

1979 Mack/1958 American LaFrance (added 1999, ex-Shallotte, ex-Raleigh)

1917 American LaFrance Type 17-4, 75-foot
1963 Seagrave
2014 Pierce Velocity PUC, 1500/300/100-foot

1937 Pirsch, 85-foot
1955 Seagrave
2018 KME, 2000/0/101-footer

Plus a couple horse-drawn tillers, way back when…

Big thanks to Andrew Messer, for his western/central NC apparatus data.  

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