Historical Perspective on Mass Shootings in Raleigh

Five people were killed and two were injured in an active shooter incident in east Raleigh on October 13, 2022. The gunman was also injured. See news reports and prior posting. What’s the historical perspective of mass shootings and similar incidents in Raleigh and Wake County? Notable incidents include:

1965, May 17 – Downtown Shooting, Raleigh

Five people shot and injured in the 400 block of S. Bloodworth Street, gunman shot into group on a sidewalk in front of a tavern. None were critically wounded. Source: News & Observer, May 18, 1965, page 24. “Five People Shot At Tavern Here.”

1972, May 29 – North Hills Sniper, Raleigh

Sniper at North Hills Mall. Four fatalities including gunman, self-inflicted as police arrived, and eight wounded. Shots fired from parking lot at front entrance, from between parked cars, at people entering and exiting the mall. The shooting lasted between four and six minutes. Web retrospective, https://legeros.com/history/stories/north-hills/

1982, October 8-11 – Amtrak Hostage Situation, Raleigh

Hostage situation on Amtrak train at Seaboard Station. Two fatalities. Gunman apprehended. Standoff starts about 7:30 a.m. on a Friday, after gunshots are heard in passenger car. Male subject surrenders at 5:45 a.m. on following Monday. Body of woman and nine-month old infant discovered in cabin. Four year-old infant survived. Facebook retrospective, https://tinyurl.com/2lkbz5y2

2010, May 30 – Active Shooter at Target, Apex

Active shooter at Target at Beaver Creek Commons in Apex. Two fatalities, including gunman, self-inflicted. Dispatched about 11:09 a.m. Police found a cashier, fatally shot, in the front of the store. About 150 people were inside at the time of the incident. Blog post about fire/EMS response: https://legeros.com/blog/active-shooter-in-apex-may-30-2010/

2016, August 13 – Reported Shooting at Crabtree Valley Mall

Reported shooting (none found) at Crabtree Valley Mall. Multiple medical emergencies during and after. Nine transported and 11 additional patient contacts. Dozens (couple hundred?) of people evacuated to secure locations, including across Glenwood Avenue to grassy area/road in front of Marriot Hotel. The heat index was over 100 degrees during the multi-hour incident. Blog post about incident, https://legeros.com/blog/crabtree-shooting/

Other Notable Multi-Patient Incidents

  • 1974, Aug 12 – Amtrak train derailed near Wake Forest. With 28 of 270 injured.
  • 1977, Jun 30 – Food poisoning at Royal Villa Hotel in Raleigh. As many as 200 patients.
  • 1988, Feb 19 – American Eagle Flight 3378 crashed at RDU. Twelve killed.
  • 1994, Dec 13 – American Eagle Flight 3378 crashed in Morrisville. Fifteen killed, five hospitalized.
  • 2005, Aug 2 – Amtrak train derailed after striking dump truck on Rush Street. Two killed in truck. Of the 196 passengers on the train, at least 15 were transported with minor injuries.
  • 2010, Feb 13 – Illness at Sheraton Hotel in Raleigh. Nearly 140 patients triaged, 40 required treatment. 

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