Raleigh Fire Department Fleet Updates – Summer 2017

Lee Wilson photos

Engines and Ladders and Tillers, Oh My

Raleigh’s new Pierce tiller was placed in service this week, and following a pair of new Pierce pumpers last month. Here’s the scorecard of which rigs went where, and which stations are getting the bumped ones. 

See more of Lee Wilson’s photos on his Flickr Site. Click on Albums for pics of the new Pierce tiller and Pierce engines. Or click the search icon  and use keywords, to search for pictures for older trucks.

See my apparatus register, for earlier histories of each rig. (Site update pending.)


New Ladder 4 (at Station 1)
2017 Pierce Arrow XT tiller – In service 8/17/17.

Old Ladder 4
2010 Pierce Arrow XT tiller – OOS as L4 on 8/17/17. Pending to L8, after maintenance and some repairs.

Ladder 8 (at Station 26)
2006 Pierce Arrow XT platform (011035) – Will go to reserve.

Ladder 129 (reserve)
1999 American LaFrance Eagle platform (011001) – Will move from reserve to training.

Training Ladder
1995 Simon-Duplex/LTI platform (011004) – Will be sold.


New Engine 10
2017 Pierce Enforcer – In service 7/13/17.

Old Engine 10
1998 Pierce Saber (001001)  – Pending to E28.

Engine 28
2004 American LaFrance Eagle (001047) – Pending to training.

New Engine 17
2017 Pierce Enforcer – In service 7/10/17.

Old Engine 17
1998 Pierce Saber (001013) – Pending to E6.

Engine 6
2004 American LaFrance Eagle (001045) – Pending to training.

Training Engines
1989 Pierce Arrow (001018) – To be sold
1990 Pierce Lance (001019) – To be sold


  • The other two 2004 American LaFrance Eagle pumpers are at Station 24 and Station 25. 
  • The third Pierce tiller is at Station 29, a 2015 Pierce Arrow XT as Ladder 9.
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