Raleigh Wake Scanner Moves to Slack

Raleigh Wake Scanner on Twitter/Facebook changed platforms on May 1, 2022. They moved their posted traffic and incident alerts to Slack channel(s)–generated from their monitoring of scanner radios–and adopted a supporter model with a nominal fee to cover operational expenses.

Slack can be used on any browser on any computer. There’s also a Windows desktop application and Slack mobile apps. Users can be logged into both at once. Slack offers real time push notifications on any device that’s channel-based: users can select which content they want instant alerts for, rather than watching their screens waiting for someone to post.

Two Types of Service

Raleigh Wake Scanner on Slack offers two types of services:

  • Supporter only, for $1 per month, which has access to a range of Slack channels that include such topics as fire incident alerts, traffic incident alerts, major incident alerts and discussion, scanner radio discussion, and weather alerts. They have corresponding discussion channels as well.
  • Listener/Contributor, free, but with a requirement that they contribute as an active scanner listener for the benefit of everyone including Supporters. This also provides round the clock coverage as best as possible. They have access to the same Slack channels as Supporter only, plus additional “private” channels for discussion among listener-contributors, including private ops channels for discussion during specific ongoing incidents or events.

    (The benefits of listener/contributors are obvious: members who like to listen, but are away from their radio, will be part of a group that alerts each other. This provides that instant ability for those members to “tune in” on their own radio as events are unfolding.)

How to Join

To become a Supporter, submit a payment at https://square.link/u/UyibeeRY and you will be redirected to a Slack account creation page. Please note that NO MEDIA is allowed.

To participate as a Listener/Contributor, contact raleighwakescanner@gmail.com

And if you already use Slack for work or other workspaces, once your email address is added to their system, you’ll add the Raleigh-Wake Scanner workplace (https://raleigh-wakescanner.slack.com) to your existing Slack. 

Note: Please report any technical issues at the above links to raleighwakescanner@gmail.com.

General Notes

  • Incident postings to alert channels must be confirmed by radio traffic.
  • Traffic incident postings to alert channels are often confirmed with traffic map data. 
  • Listener/contributor participation expectations? That they post something every once in a while (or more), to public or private channels, when they hear something significant related to incidents/postings.
  • These services are intended for non-commercial use. Thus, no media are allowed as supporters or listener/contributors.

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