Vintage Wilmington Fire Apparatus Photos – 1960s, 1970s Rigs

April 17
But wait, Batman, one of these isn’t Wilmington, NC. Top left, the Ford/Swab rescue is Wilmington, DE. Thanks to our readers on Facebook for that correction.

April 16
Found for sale on eBay are these pictures of vintage Wilmington rigs. We’ve seen some of these before, in similar postings. Scroll down for a list of those.

Left to right, top to bottom: 1977 Ford/Swab (R3) [not NC, but DE], 1960 Howe, 1962 Howe, 1967 Howe, 1975 Howe (E7), 1977 ALF (E1), 1976 ALF (E2), 1952 ALF (reserve). Search eBay to find and bid. Click to enlarge:


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