Vintage Photo of Charlotte Snorkels

Here’s something neat. Picture of a picture of Charlotte’s three Snorkels in profile, with a wee bit of digital perspective correction. Posted to the Snorkel Aerial Fire Trucks group on Facebook, and cited as found on the Interstate Emergency Vehicles Inc. web site. 

Shown left to right are:

  • Ladder 18 – 1986 Pierce Arrow, 1000/200/85′
  • Ladder 16 – 1986 Pierce Arrow, 1000/200/85′
  • Ladder 1 – 1984 Duplex/Grumman, 100/300/80′

Source for apparatus information is my Charlotte FD fleet listing, from Wonder when they were each retired?

Who else operated snorkels in our state? See this blog posting from 2013, Snorkels in North Carolina.

Click to slightly enlarge:

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