Rebuilding Raleigh Fire Station 6 – September Update

This is an ongoing blog posting about the rebuilding of Fire Station 6. 

See Legeros updates below. See also ongoing Legeros photos. And here’s the official project site from the city.


  • 9/27/19 – Ready for a Roof!
  • 7/25/19 – Then & Now
  • 6/25/19 – June Update
  • 1/1/19 – Construction Underway, Project Timeline
  • 6/30/18 – Delays Nearly Done
  • 12/28/17 – Site Preparation
  • 08/12/17 – Now Gone
  • 08/02/17 – Demolition started
  • 07/17/17 – Demolition starting soon
  • 05/30/17 – Now closed
  • 05/27/17 – Moving day is nigh!
  • 04/20/17 – Construction bid awarded, other updates
  • 03/11/16 – Comparing current and future station
  • 03/10/16 – 3D renderings
  • 03/04/16 – Another public meeting scheduled
  • 10/07/15 – Public meeting recap
  • 10/07/15 – Historical correction 

September 27, 2019
Ready for a roof!

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North Carolina Firefighters to be Honored at National Fallen Firefighters Memorial

The 38th National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service will be held in Emmitsburg, MD, on Sunday, October 6, 2019, to honor 92 firefighters who died in the line of duty in 2018 and 27 firefighters who died in the line of duty in previous years.

The North Carolina firefighters being honored are:

Michael Gene Goodnight
West Liberty VFD
Died 2018

Jeffrey Newton Holden
Orange Rural FD
Died 2019

Michael Eric “Bubba” Pennell
Central Alexander FD
Died 2017

Romulus S. “Tony” Spencer III
Englehard FD
Died 2018

William Perry Willis
Asheville FD
Died 2018

For full Memorial Weekend information, see

For media information, including state-by-state listings, see

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Wake Forest Plans Merger with Town

The Wake Forest Fire Department is planning a merger with the Town of Wake Forest, effective July 1, 2010.

From this web page:

Like many communities in North Carolina, the Town of Wake Forest is experiencing significant transition and growth in service demand, thereby increasing the challenges of providing core local government functions, including fire and rescue services. These “growing pains” are a natural progression of the maturation of a unit of local government and are not unique to Wake Forest.

However, when dynamics change, so too must the infrastructure and systems that enable and support those basic functions.

At the request of the Wake Forest Fire Department Board of Directors (a private not for profit corporation), the Town of Wake Forest is considering consolidating and unifying the Wake Forest Fire Department into the Town government.

As part of its due diligence, the Town requested specialized assistance from EnviroSafe, a NC management consulting firm that specializes in local government public safety services and serves as the sole fire consulting provider for the NC League of Municipalities. In February 2019, EnviroSafe began conducting a feasibility study to encompass several aspects of this potential unification of the Wake Forest Fire Department, Inc. into a department of the Town of Wake Forest. The complete timeline is provided below.

Board of Commissioners Presentation – Sept. 3, 2019

Executive Summary & Recommendations

Feasibility Study 

Study Purpose

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Wake County Fire Commission Meeting – September 19, 2019

September 22
The audio recording of the meeting has been posted. How to play the recording:

1. Navigate to
2. Click Fire Commission > Minutes & Agendas across the top row navigation options.
3. On the left side of the page, under Minutes, click 2019.
4. On the left side of the page, under Minutes, click 09-19-19.
5. Click audio file.

September 15
The next meeting of the Wake County Fire Commission will be held on Thursday, September 19, 2019, at 7:00 p.m., at the Wake County Emergency Services Training Center, which is located in a warehouse building at 220 South Rogers Lane, in Suite 160.  

This is the first meeting since the March 21 (regular) and April 25 (special called) meetings. 

Agenda is below. View the meeting documents.

  • Meeting Called to Order – Chairman Keith McGee
    • Invocation
    • Pledge of allegiance
    • Roll of Members Present
  • Items of Business
    • Adoption of Minutes for March 21, 2019 Regular and April 25, 2019 Special Called Meetings
    • Approval of Agenda
  • Public Comments
    • Comments from the public will be taken at this time. Members of the public are invited to make comment to the Commission, with a maximum of three minutes per person. A signup sheet for those who wish to speak during the public comments section of the meeting is located at the entrance of the meeting room.
  • Regular Agenda
    • Rules of Procedure Wording Changes
    • Committee Appointments
    • Job Reclassification Request for Eastern Wake Administrative Assistant
    • Review of Eastern Wake Interim Chief Agreement
  • Information Agenda
    • Fire Tax Financial Report
    • Standing Committee Updates
      • Administrative
      • Apparatus
      • Budget
      • Communications
      • Equipment
      • Facility
      • Training
      • Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Committee
    • Chair Report
    • Fire Services Report
  • Other Business
  • Adjournment – Next Meeting – November 21, 2019 Emergency Services Education Center
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Master List of North Carolina Tillers

Photo credits, left to right, top to bottom: KME, Mike Legeros (x2), TBD, Courtesy High Point FD, Mike Legeros, Courtesy Raleigh FD (x2), Joel Woods, Wake Forest FD, TBD, KME

Here’s a master list of all tillers past ‘n’ present in North Carolina. Will update going forward, with newer deliveries. May expand with models and other details:

1923 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot
2018 KME, 101-foot

1997 Seagrave, 100-foot (added 2017, ex-Hillandale VFD in Montgomery County, MD)

1942 Seagrave, 100-foot  (added 1976, ex-Easton, PA)

2019 Pierce Enforcer Ascendant, 1500/200/107-foot – 1 of 2
2019 Pierce Enforcer Ascendant, 1500/200/107-foot – 2 of 2 (delivery soon)

1917 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot
1974 Ward LaFrance Diplomat/LTI, 100-foot

Civietown (Brunswick Co.)
1979 Mack/1958 American LaFrance (added 2006, ex-Raleigh, ex-Wendell)

Cornelius-Lemley (Mecklenburg Co.)
1989 Seagrave, 100-foot (added 1999, ex-Richmond, ex-Bedford, VA)
2016 Seagrave, 100-foot

1926 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot

1920 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot

High Point
1924 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot
1967 Seagrave KT, 100-foot
2004 Pierce Dash, 1500/200/100-foot (reserve)
2019 Pierce Arrow XT, 107-foot

Providence (Union Co)
1953 Pirsch, 100-foot (bought used, what year?, ex-Oakland, CA)

1916 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 75-foot
1939 American LaFrance 500 Series tractor
1958 American LaFrance 700 Series, 100-foot
1979 Mack MC tractor
2004 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/300/100-foot (retired after rollover accident in 2009)
2010 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/300/100-foot
2015 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/200/100-foot
2017 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/200/100-foot
2018 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/200/107-foot

Rocky Mount
1919 American LaFrance Type 17-6, 65-foot
1956 American LaFrance 700 Series, 85-foot

Wake Forest
2007 Crimson/Spartan, 103-feet (added 2019, for training, ex-Boise, ID)

1979 Mack/1958 American LaFrance (added 1999, ex-Shallotte, ex-Raleigh)

1917 American LaFrance Type 17-4, 75-foot
1963 Seagrave
2014 Pierce Velocity PUC, 1500/300/100-foot

1937 Pirsch, 85-foot
1955 Seagrave
2018 KME, 2000/0/101-footer

Plus a couple horse-drawn tillers, way back when…

Big thanks to Andrew Messer, for his western/central NC apparatus data.  

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Cary, Wake Forest Receive Tillers

Cary Receives First of Two Tillers

On September 1, 2019, the Cary Fire Department received the first of two twin tillers, a 2019 Pierce Enforcer Ascendant 1500/200/107-foot. The second is finishing production. Also, a third tiller will be (or has been?) ordered for this fiscal year. 

Photographer Lee Wilson was on hand, and has posted this and others to this Flickr album. See also a Farmer 911 Emergency Photography on Facebook. They’ve also posted photos and videos. 

Lee Wilson photo.

Wake Forest Receives Training Tiller

Last month, the Wake Forest Fire Department also received a tiller. That is, a training tiller. It’s former Boise Truck 5, a 2007 Crimson/Spartan, 103-foot ladder, no pump. Top and right are WFFD photos. Bottom is a shot from the GovPlanet listing. See dozens of more pictures there. 

The department will be training on the truck as they design their new tiller. Over the past several years they’ve look into a second service company and have decided that a tiller is their best option. Congrats!

No word if a bushel of potatoes was included in the purchase.

Wake Forest Fire Department / GovPlanet photos

Current Count for Wake County

Cary – One delivered, one in production, one to be ordered
Raleigh – Four in service
Wake Forest – One delivered for training, one to be ordered

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Visual History of North Carolina Steam Fire Engines

Time for another chart!

Here’s the visual history of the steam fire engines in North Carolina, beginning with their heyday in the 1860s and 1870s. They were labor savers that transformed the hand-powered fire service, although a few steamers were also hand-pulled during their early years.

See the chart in JPG format or PDF format.

See the originating historical notes at

See more history charts at

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Miss Lillian Brown – Mascot of Greensboro’s Eagle Hose Company

From the Department of Gender Studies, here are a couple stories from the 1890s about the Greensboro Fire Department’s Eagle Hose Company’s “mascot,” Miss Lillian Brown. Plus a photograph that appeared in the 1896 proceedings of the North Carolina State Firemen’s Association.

Newspapers copied from, via free access from the NC State Government & Heritage Library. Proceedings excerpt via this library of mine

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Early Charlotte Fire Department History

Also found these last week, very early Charlotte news stories about their first fire engine and fire company. They’re dated between 1834 and 1845.

Plus an 1856 story about a public meeting held for the purpose of organizing, or perhaps re-organizing, the fire department. Good breadcrumb trail for anyone interested in pursuing.

From via free access from the State Library of North Carolina. Originally posted as a pair of postings on Legeros Fire Line on Facebook, one of several about the early histories of the state’s oldest fire departments. Click to enlarge:

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Wilmington Fire Department Organized – 1842

Found these last week. Newspaper article about an early iteration of the Wilmington Fire Department in 1842. Might be the original or first “formal” version of WFD. Plus an editorial from the year before, with detailed suggestions for same. Plus an account of the great 1840 fire, that they reference.

From via free access from the State Library of North Carolina. This is a blog version of a posting from Legeros Fire Line on Facebook, one of several recent postings poking into the earliest histories of the state’s oldest fire departments. Click to enlarge:

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