Raleigh Fire Department - Former Fire Stations

Market House
200 block of Fayetteville Street, Market Square
Destroyed 1868

In 1853, a combination engine house, guard house, and office for Intendant of Police was added  the Market House was erected. The brick building measured 25 by 40 feet and faced Wilmington Street.

The Market House was destroyed in a fire on December 15, 1868. The engine house addition was likely also destroyed.

Metropolitan Hall
200 block of Fayetteville Street
Demolished 1920

On May 17, 1870, a replacement for the Market House opened. Named Metropolitan Hall, the three-story building measured 209 feet by 40 feet wide.

The first floor consisted of a building-length market space, plus two engine rooms for  fire apparatus. These were located on the Wilmington Street end of the building, one on each side.

The second floor contained the Mayor's office, private offices, an auditorium, and other rooms.

The floor floor had a fireman's hall, and other rooms.

The cupola on the front of the building housed the town clock and a new city bell, which also served as the fire alarm bell.

The Phoenix Company was housed in Metropolitan Hall until 1881. The Victor Company, Hook & Ladder Company, and Bucket Company were housed there until about 1890.

In 1914, the city bell was moved to Station 1 on West Morgan Street.


North Carolina State Archives

Sanborn Maps, 1888

Phoenix Chemical Company
300 block Wilmington Street

In February 1881, the Phoenix Chemical Company was granted permission to locate an engine house on Wilmington Street in front of Jackson's Stables.

Sanborn Maps show a one-story building in the 300 block of Wilmington Street.

In September 1886, the fire company was granted permission to move their engine house to the City Lot at the corner of Davie and Salisbury Streets.

Sanborn Map -1884
Phoenix Chemical Company (1886-1890)
Victor Company (1890-1897)
Salisbury and Davie streets
Destroyed 1897

The City Lot was located at the southwest corner of Salisbury and Davie Streets.

The buildings included a one-story structure used as an engine house by Phoenix and Victor fire companies.

On April 7, 1897, the engine house burned. It was partially destroyed, along with two horses, a horse-drawn hose reel, and 100-feet of hose. The city was already planning to construct an engine house for the Victor Company. They were later temporarily housed in a warehouse.

Sanborn Map -1888

Sanborn Map -1896

Rescue Company (1870-1912)
Station 2 (1912-1914)
300 block of Fayetteville Street
Demolished 1914

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1870-1914 ral-hist-rescue-hose-x2.jpg (87920 bytes)
Capital Hose Company
117 West Morgan Street
Presently 115 West Morgan Street
Office and historical landmark

In 1887, the original quarters of the Capital Hose Company was erected in conjunction with the completion of a municipal water system. The two-story brick building adjoined the brick and granite base of the city's new water tower.

The first floor housed the fire company's hand-drawn hose reel on one side of the building, and the water company office on the other side. The second floor was a fireman's hall.

In 1889, the Capital Hose Company moved across the street to a new and likely larger engine house.

In 1924, the water tower was abandoned and the metal tank removed. In 1938, the property was sold to an architect, who renovated the building into office space.

The building and adjoining water tower is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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North Carolina State Archives - 1891

Sanborn Maps - 1888

Capital Hose Company
100 block West Morgan Street, north side
Demolished 1895-1896

In 1889, a new building was erected for the Capital Hose Company opposite their former quarters at 117 W. Morgan Street. The fire company was provided a horse and hose wagon, and thus likely needed a larger engine house for their apparatus.

In 1896, they moved into a new Headquarters Fire Station erected at approximately the same location. The 1889 structure was likely demolished during construction.

Hook and Ladder Company
100 block West Morgan Street, north side
Demolished 1896 or later

In 1890, a new building was erected for the Hook & Ladder Company and likely beside the Capital Hose Company engine house. The building included a stable for the fire company's horse.

In 1896, they moved into a new Headquarters Fire Station erected at approximately the same location.

Sanborn Maps of 1896 show a "temporary hook and ladder house" which was likely this structure.

Sanborn Maps - 1896
Headquarters Fire Station (1896-1912)
Station #1
112 West Morgan Street
Demolished 1941

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Station #2 (1914-1932)
Station #1 (1941-1953)
412 South Salisbury Street
Demolished after 1953

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Station #3
135 East Hargett Street
Demolished 1952

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1898-1951 old-sta3-photo.jpg (16737 bytes)
Station #4
505 Jefferson Street
Presently privately owned

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ral-hist-glenwood-station-1.jpg (93428 bytes)

Station #5
1914 Park Drive
Demolished 1961

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Station #2
735 Fayetteville Street
Performing arts center

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Station #6
2519 Fairview Road
Rented structure, built 1936
Commercial property

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North Carolina State Archives

Station #8
903 Kent Road
Presently addressed 1007 Method Road
Rented structure, built 1945
Grocery store

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Station #4
2913 Wake Forest Road
Commercial property

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